It is absolutely forbidden for foreign recreational vessels, yachts and sailboats in Guna territorial waters to carry out any type of lucrative activities, topographic and hydrographic surveys, or studies, or to collect marine resources, or to carry out any underwater, land or any other type of work.  


Article 31 of the Tourism Regulations

It is not allowed to take pictures or film without the express permission of the local authorities those sites that are part of the Guna spirituality: onmaggednega (house of the congress), innanega, ritual, religious and similar celebrations.

It is forbidden to carry out economic tourism activities, known as charter.

Not to carry firearms or hunting weapons.

Prohibited the consumption and trafficking of drugs / illicit substances.

Tourists are not allowed to stroll or walk through the streets of the communities with bathing suits.

The practice of nudism on the beaches is prohibited, as well as libidinous acts in public places.

Do not throw coins, objects or foodstuffs that constitute a degrading act.

The use of oxygen tanks for diving is prohibited.

It is not allowed to use the islands for maintenance work of yachts that threaten and pollute the marine waters of the Gunayala territory.

The use of harpoons and other sophisticated fishing techniques is prohibited.

Animals, especially dogs, are not allowed on the islands.

The use of drones, jet skis, kites is not allowed.


 All visitors are recommended to comply with the established measures to avoid unnecessary problems. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in fines or even confiscation.

Secretariat of Tourism Affairs


General Guna Congress, 2018