Travel to Kuna Yala



The Guna Yala region is an autochthonous island so its lodging are sand or wood floor cabins with a bed with a shared bathroom exclusively for tourists.
We have options for cabins with private bathrooms but they are limited so it is recommended to reserve them 1 week in advance to be able to opt for them.
The bathrooms are hygienic, with toilet and shower. The water is only for washing.
The cabins do not have electrical connections, but you can charge at the reception which is open from 10 to 1 p.m. and from 6 to 10 p.m. It is recommended that you bring your portable charger.
There is only low signal from mas móvil and digicel, the other operators do not have signal in the region.
On the island where we tour and stay there are no chitras (mosquitoes) but in the port there are chitras (mosquitoes) because of the vegetation that is found in this so we recommend carrying mosquito repellent.




Yes, the day trip includes lunch and the stay includes 3 meals.
No. Only in the passadías a drink is included. Stays must be on your own. The sale is 2$.
Yes, you can bring your cooler with all the drinks you want and your ice, there is no sale of ice in the district.
Breakfast is Creole, lunch is based on the catch of the day. Rice or patacones with green salad and the catch of the day which can be fish, mixed seafood, octopus. The lobster has an additional price of 20$.
You are offered whatever you can as food is limited. Rice with vegetables or vegetable salad.




Preferably between two or 3 days before the day of your stay and 1 week in advance would be the best.
After receiving the photo of your credit card, we will coordinate with you the information to find the meeting point for your trip.
Children from 0 to 4 years old do not pay, if you want to pay your own place it is an additional 50$ and the lunch is 10$. From 5 to 9 years old have their own package which you can consult us without any problem and from 10 years old pay full package.
It is forbidden to bring pets into the region since there have been accidents with pets to other tourists in the past.
Of course you can and this has a charge of 7% of the package price.




We do not have activities such as jet skiing or extreme activities, on the island you can play volleyball or have a bonfire at night with your group without disturbing other visitors.
You can dive with snorkel equipment (mask), but it is forbidden to use scuba equipment (tank) because of the damage it causes.