Day Tours: the adventure in a day

Through our one day tour packages, you will be able to visit the best beaches and islands of San Blas Gunayala.
For this we have 3 options of tours, to choose according to your needs and desires.

Tour Full beaches

For beach lovers and for those who just want to enjoy and admire the paradisiacal white sand islands with crystal clear waters, we have the Full beach tour.

In this tour you will visit 2 islands with beach and natural pool, where you can snorkel, play volleyball and swim.



Tour Dutch Cays

Consider the best destination where you will know the virgin islands and live corals, and in it you will be able to observe the best islands that the Guna region has.

If you love the sea and nature and want to know the paradise, the tour to the keys is ideal for you.



Tour Culture Beach

In the culture and beach tour, you will learn about the traditions and culture of the Guna people, where we will take you to 2 inhabited islands to learn about their current way of life. We will take you to 2 inhabited islands to learn about their way of life and through our specialized guide we will explain a little bit of history of the Guna people.


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