Day tour: Full Beaches in Kuna Yala

For beach lovers and for those who just want to enjoy and admire the paradisiacal white sand islands with crystal clear waters, we have the Full beach tour.

In this tour you will visit 2 islands with beach and natural pool, where you can snorkel, play volleyball and swim.

The area where we do the tour is called Cayos Limones, located 45 minutes from the port, which consists of approximately 25 small islands.

The islands that we visit the most on our tour are:


Assudub (Dog Island) famous for the sunken ship, which is the main attraction of the island and also the island has been ranked as the most beautiful island in the world (Lonley Planet).

Assud Dummad (Big Dog Island), Island with the best beach, ideal for families with children.

Niadub (Devil Island), is the island where you will taste the rich food based on fish or seafood, the island has beaches and is ideal for snorkeling, for the coral reefs.

Banedub (frigate island), some of our visitors request us this island for their photographs, although it does not have a big beach it has spaces for professional photography. The most requested photo is the hammock.


Wissdub (name a fruit Icacos, better known as Chichimé), is one of the largest islands in the area of keys limones, has the beach around the entire island and is ideal for snorkeling.


Piscina Natural, is a sand bank, which is located in the middle of the ocean its appearance is similar to a pool hence the name natural pool, in it you can walk and find natural pool, see fish or lobsters. It is said that many years ago due to an earthquake some islands were below sea level.

  • 5 am a 5:30 am - Pick up at hotel or residence
  • 8:30 am a 9 am - Arrival at port
  • 10:00 pm a 10:30 am - Visit Yundub
  • 10:30 pm a 11:00 am - Icodub Island Beach Tours
  • 12:00 pm a 1:00 pm - Lunch
  • 3:30 pm - Departure from the island
  • 4:00 pm - Departure from the port
  • 7:00 pm - Return to hotel

* Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

  • Transfer from Panama City and back in 4X4 vans with capacity for 6 people. The trip is shared
  • Transfer by boat to visit the islands and communities.
  • Payment for the islands
  • Lunch with a drink
  • We will have a cooler with non-alcoholic beverages on the boat.
  • Use of snorkel
  • Guide
  • Protected area access fee
  • $7.00 for national or resident visitors
  • 22.00 for foreign visitors
  • Bring original and valid document (ID card, juvenile ID card for minors, resident card and passport with entry stamp to Panama).
  • Do not take pictures of Gunas without their consent, especially women dressed in their traditional MOLA dress.
  • It is forbidden to walk in the streets of inhabited communities with little clothing (no bathing suits).
  • The presentation of the dance will depend on the number of people visiting.
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